I offer business English and general English in the Barcelona area; if you are interested in doing Spanish or Catalan, I can put you in touch with experienced, independent teachers.

There are no secret formulas: learning a language requires a lot of dedication and time. Before you start you have to realise you’re going to have to work very hard.

There are no quick and easy solutions. But I’ll listen to you when you tell me what you need and I will help to ensure your efforts are effective… and enjoyable.

If you want to feel the satisfaction of making progress, you’ll need to do more than attend class once or twice a week. You’ll need to do things outside the classroom – there are many options available: books, cinema, radio, television, YouTube, an English bar, conversation clubs…

Another important thing is defining what you really need. Based on that, we can determine the work that needs to be done. In Barcelona’s business world there are more and more people who are fluent in their professional fields but still eager to improve their general English, especially when it comes to conversation and pronunciation.

If you work in a highly specialised environment, that doesn’t have to be a problem for improving your level: I’m not an expert in all professional areas and their specific jargon… you can explain all of that to me. But I can help you with pronunciation, fluency and understanding the structure of the language. I can help you feel more confident.

English classes for adults

  • companies, groups, private classes
  • general English and business English
  • exam preparation
  • presentations
  • pronunciation
  • intensive courses
  • maintenance English