Fluent in four languages, I also dedicate time to a wide range of translations.

Since 2001, I have worked in the language combinations: Spanish and Catalan into English and Dutch; English-Dutch both ways.

I cooperate with other independent translators for clients who need translations to German and French.

It is important to note that Catalan and Spanish are part of my everyday life. My wife was born in Catalonia and my two sons are trilingual, with a fourth language to be introduced soon. This means I ‘live’ the languages beyond the academic level and that translating is a daily activity that comes naturally to me. It is also worth mentioning that I can translate directly from Catalan into English or Dutch, without the need for a Spanish translation in between.

I have experience in the areas of urban planning, public art, social sciences, tax management, marketing, and the telecom business. I’ve worked for Barcelona City Council, Tarragona Provincial Council, companies in Spain, the Netherlands and the USA, the University of Barcelona and the Open University of Catalonia. Jobs include online art catalogues, scientific journals, telecommunications software, company websites and material for business fairs and exhibitions.

I use many modern tools and the Internet, of course, but the final product is a human translation.